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Alpacas Magazine Articles

    Bill and Sherri Duey have authored 27 articles for the award winning Alpacas Magazine- the national publication for AOA (Alpaca Owners Association.) The articles are posted here in their entirety.

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Autumn/2001 Getting Started-Southern Iowa Alpacas
Autumn/2001 Water Your Alpacas- Automatically

Spring/2002 Cooling Your Alpacas-Automatically
Herd Sire/2002 Alpaca Trailer Towing Tips
Summer/2002 Alpaca Predator Resistant Fencing
Autumn/2002 Working With Your Vet

Winter/2003 Security Camera Systems for Alpaca Trailers
Spring/2003 Soil Testing- Get the Scoop on Your Pastures? Nutritional Needs
Herd Sire/2003 Alpaca Manure Management
Summer/2003 Top Ten Lists of Equipment for Alpaca Owners

Spring/2004 Chutes for Alpacas
Winter/2004 Closed-Circuit TV Monitoring Systems for Alpaca Barns
Herd Sire/2004 Alpaca Parasite Detection
Summer/2004 Farm Equipment for Alpaca Ranchers

Winter/2005 Climate Controlled Alpaca Stalls
Spring/2005 Changing an Alpaca Trailer Tire
Herd Sire 2005 Passive Immunity Transfer/ Plasma Transfusions for Alpaca Crias
Summer/2005 Alpaca Herd Management Software

Autumn/2005 Automatic Gate Openers

Herd Sire 2006 Transporting Alpacas to Veterinary Hospitals

Spring 2006 Handy Alpaca Ranch Equipment

Summer 2006 Microchip Identification Systems for Alpacas

Fall 2006 Alpaca Barns, Pens and Pastures

Spring 2007 Alpaca Barn Interior Designs

Summer 2007 Skirting Table

Summer 2008 Hoop Buildings

Fall 2008 Terra Truck- Engine Powered Wheel Barrow