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Alpaca Ranching Seminar

Sorry, we do not have any seminars scheduled at this time.

    Southern Iowa Alpacas offers educational seminars intended to immerse people with information as they explore the wonderful world of owning alpacas.

    The instructors, Bill and Sherri Duey, have been raising alpacas for eleven  years and have authored twenty-seven articles for the award winning Alpacas Magazine.

    This seminar is an information packed, one-day, course that includes time in both the classroom setting and the barn. All participants will get hands-on experience with the alpacas.

    The seminar takes participants through alpaca selection, husbandry, ranch setup, etc. and concludes by bringing all those components together so participants can develop their own business plan for raising alpacas. Topics include:

Selecting Alpacas

    Huacaya or Suri

    Genetic background

    Peruvian, Chilean, Bolivian

    Market niche


    Fiber- crimp, density, fineness

Alpaca Husbandry

    Vet care

    Monthly worming


    Teeth and toenail trimming

    Feed- pasture, hay, grain

    Breeding history and management



Ranch Setup


    Size needed






    Feed Bunks


    Health records





    Neonatal care


    Scales and weight monitoring

Business Plan


    Herd growth calculations

    Revenue projections

    Annual expense estimating

    Tax planning


    Seminar registration includes a resource notebook, snacks and lunch.

    Held at Southern Iowa Alpacas Ranch near Albia, Iowa

    Seminar starts at 9 am and runs until 5 pm.

    Please- no children under 16

    Maximum of  8 people for personal attention so register early


        by emailing:



  Sorry, we do not have any seminars scheduled at this time.



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